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Ringing is fun and a way of making new friends. To find out more just come on a Friday evening between 19:45 and 21:00, or before the Sunday morning Service. You don’t have to live in the parish. There is no obligation to learn - just come along and find out more! We are looking for new recruits to join us and learn the ancient Art of Bellringing. We also do hand-bell ringing - contact us to find out more.


Anthony Hughes on Oxford 244570 for further information

Ringing Times

1st Sunday in month:

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Sundays:

Learners/Recruits (Silent) Practice:

Competent Ringers:


What happens if I decide to learn to ring?
A recruit is reminded of a trained ringer's commitment and shown the various stages in learning to ring. If the recruit wishes to undergo tuition, then the lessons start according to the programme agreed.

Ringers have to be taught to handle and control a bell while ringing with others. It takes time (and commitment by the tutor) to produce an able team member to ring the rounds and call the changes, and thus learning one's place in relation to the others. The ringer then has to learn Plain Hunt and to develop rope-sight.

The next stage is learning to ring Plain Bob or Grandsire Doubles. Ringers can then ring Quarter Peals if they wish, or enjoy ringing new methods called Plain, Treble Bob, Delight or Surprise (or both)!

We have bells which seek a controller so that the bell may join the rest of the peal to remind our village of its heritage and church.

Most ringers don't go any higher than the floor where the bell-ropes are. Sometimes there are tasks like putting on bell muffles or fixing a rope but You are not asked to do anything you are not comfortable with.

Grants for Bellringing Courses

Members of the Oxford Diocesan Guild are eligible for grants to attend certain ringing courses. Advice will be given as to whether the course is suitable, and that a grant would be available if accepted for the course.

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